Parts and Accessories For E-Cigs

Even the best of E-cigs will need replacement parts eventually. Best advice is to buy ahead of time instead of waiting until they are needed so you can skip the inconvenience of doing without your favorite vaporizer while waiting for the mail to deliver what you need. Other than needed spare parts, another thing to consider for your e-cig is personalization, see more on accessori sigaretta elettronica. Basic E-cigs all look similar to one another, making yours unique is the best way to ensure no one else ever mistakes it for theirs.


Be Careful Where You Shop


The market is crowded with brands offering replacement parts and accessories so do a little research, don’t spend your cash until you’ve made sure you’re buying from a reputable brand. Shopping online makes life so much easier but there is always the risk of someone misrepresenting their product and trying to get your money back is usually next to impossible.


Following is a short list of the parts you should always have on hand in the event of an e-cig emergency as well as few cool accessory ideas. You won’t see brand names on the list, it is simply a way to show you what you need to look for.



  • Charging Cable – Obviously, if your charging cable isn’t working neither is your E-cig so an extra one of these is a “must have.” One for home and one for traveling is always a good idea.



  • Syringes for Refilling Cartridges – Liquids for E-cigs are nearly impossible to manage without a syringe. Using them ensures the liquid gets where it needs to be and is not wasted.



  • Travel Case – These come in many different styles and materials. Hard cases are recommended to keep the contents safe. Most of them easily fit in large pockets or bags and everything will always be where you can find it.



  • Car Accessory Holder – Instead of tossing your E-cig up on the dash or in the seat next to you put it in a holder that easily attaches to the bottom edge of your window.



  • Vinyl Wraps – These not only mark an E-cig as yours and make them easy to locate in a crowd of others, they also protect your vape from nicks or scratches.



This short list barely covers the huge variety of products available in the E-cig market. You can probably live without holders to keep it safe in your car, hard cases for traveling, and stylish wraps for personalization but without a syringe to refill cartridges or a way to keep it charged all you are going to end up with is an empty E-cig with no power. Syringes and power cables are relatively inexpensive and one day you could be thanking yourself for having an extra set of each in your home and car.