Review of the 360 waves brush (for your hair)

Why 360 Brushes Are The Best for Long, Thick, Coarse Hair

The 360 wave brush reigns king as one of the best brushes for long, thick, and coarse hair textures. Unlike plastic brushes, the bristles are made from natural materials to stroke smoothly against the hair. Natural bristles are good for distributing the natural oils from the scalp across the head. The bristles used in a 360 brush are much softer compared to a regular brush. This helps to prevent the hair from drying out and leaves it moisturized. The natural boar bristles also ensure that the brush does not snag, pull, or cause the hair to frizz. This leaves the hair shiny and well groomed. Some wave brushes have two sides to them: one with soft bristles and one with hard bristles. Harder bristles may be preferred with longer hair textures. The hard bristles are better at holding the hair in place, which will create the waves faster. Keep in mind, however, that brushing with hard bristles should not be used too often if the hair is short because this can irritate the scalp. Generally, it’s best to use a styling cream, like pomade. Brushing the styling cream through the hair will create more defined waves that last longer.

What are The Advantages of a 360 Brush?

Wave brushes offer more control with the densely packed bristles. This makes it easier for the brush to glide across the hair. There are many variations of 360 brushes, but they are all designed for comfort. They are easy to grip and handle. Many brushes come without a paddle which allows you to hold the brush from any angle. Hard and soft brushes each have their own advantages. It’s slightly easier to maintain waves with a 360 waves brush. Hard brushes are also more effective on wet hair. Soft brushes are generally for shorter hair. The softer bristles will be easier on the scalp, and the hairstyle will last longer. To get the most out of the brush, it’s important to properly maintain it by regularly rinsing it and removing excess hair.

How to Use a 360 Brush

For the best results, 360 brushes should be used on short hair with a coarse texture. Moisturize the hair with a bit of water and oil. Brush the hair in the direction that the hair grows for a couple minutes. Evenly brush the hair. Use a durag to hold the hair in place, preferably overnight. Take the durag off the next morning, and repeat the process, using a durag each night or during the day. Generally, it takes one to two months for the waves to fully appear. This is because you have to train the hair to grow in a particular direction. Make sure not to wash the hair too often because this can disrupt the pattern.