Chest Press for Bodybuilding better than the bench press?

The Chest Press Machine is actually one of the most popular workout machines to use due to not only its aesthetic results, but results that are targeting the main muscles of the chest called the pectorals. Pectorals, or rather “pecs” connect with the muscles in your chest and the upper arm and shoulder. Not only is it the most popular, it is by far the best chest exercise and comes with great benefits, especially for the sporty type, and body builders. The Chest Press Machine focuses on building that muscle mass in your chest, and with stronger bones, tighter muscles, and fat falling off, you are on the path to success in many ways, even more than just physical.

The Chest Press Machine is seated, and upright. It is a different approach to the older technique used called the bench press, but by using a machine, you are able to lift heavier weights and its been stated that it is a lot better on the preventive measures of exercise as well as even reducing error. Now, Aesthetic is not everything. Building up your body strength to run, swim, hike, etc. you will feel better in general and be more confident in your daily activities. Some examples of how this Chest Press Machine works to boost the muscles would be first how to effectively use it. It is said you can use barbells or dumbbells. You are to lie flat while slightly bending your spine. Of course, feet on the floor completely flat. Grasp the bar, raise above chest while extending the arms, exhaling when pushing upwards. It is said to be easiest to focus on the ceiling instead of the bar so that you are not overwhelmed. Focus on that one spot of the ceiling and consistently push upward, and return the bar just above the chest, and keep repeating this technique.

The Chest Press Machine targets those pecs, and also deltoids, triceps, which of course would be excellent for that muscle tissue for your muscle mass. Your posture will improve, and with dedication and consistency with your workout routine you will see results within about three to four months, or sooner. If you are a beginner wanting to start your workout journey, then the Chest Press Machine is actually the best to start with. You have the ability to solo, which means no need for someone standing over you to monitor. Choose your weights, position properly, grab some headphones if you enjoy being in your own world while exercising, and grab those bars and begin the weightlifting journey to your personal goal!

If you are unsure about your form, refer to youtube, there are many great tutorial videos on how to properly perform the chest press, e.g.