What are the key differences between Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem?

If you know anything about weight loss programs in the United States, you may already be looking at Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem. After all, these are the two biggest and the two most popular weight loss programs, and have been for many years.


While both programs do allow their participants to lose weight, each also has differences that can be quite substantial. Here is what you need to know about both before you choose one for your weight loss.


Cheaper program and cheaper food — The main thing Nutrisystem has going for it is that it is a much cheaper program. This is still true even if the organization offers the same amount of food, snacks and other benefits.


Most studies show Jenny Craig tends to be more than double the cost of Nutrisystem with participants paying around $12 a day for Nutrisystem and more than $25 a day for Jenny Craig.


Healthier food — While both organizations provide their participants with three meals a day and several snacks, one stands out more than the other for the healthier food they offer.


That organization is Jenny Craig, as its food tends to have more whole foods and less sugar and fat. It is also concentrated on things like fruits, vegetables, fish and low fat meats, whereas Nutrisystem often serves cake, cookies and ice cream in their meal plans.


The taste of the food — As far as the taste of the food goes, most people that have tried both weight loss programs say both companies serve tasty ready-made food.


In this case at least, you can choose the program you decide to follow by joining the one offering more of your favorite foods.


Better for diabetics — Studies of both programs show diabetics tend to do better with Jeny Craig than Nutrisystem.


This has been proven with tests showing lower sugar levels in Jenny Craig members who also have type 2 diabetes, and a general feeling of more energy and a higher feeling of



Therapists — Both programs offer a therapist for those that find losing weight to be difficult.


Jenny Craig therapists can be met with one-on-one for an additional cost, while Nutrisystem’s therapists can be accessed online via Skype. This makes Nutrisystem therapists slightly more convenient than Jenny Craigs.


All in all, both programs are relatively similar with the higher cost of Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem standing out more than anything.


That is why most weight loss specialists that recommend either or both of these programs say choose one for yourself by looking at just two things — the cost and if the program serves food you actually like and would eat.


Both are great programs, though, and both can definitely help you get to a weight you would prefer.