What You Can Expect From a Spine Specialist

When you are in a critical time with your back and spine you will often be referred to a spine specialist. At this point, you have already been to your General Practioner, your Chiropractor, a Physical Therapist, and possibly other therapists trying to deal with pain or injury. When it becomes clear that all other outlets of treatment are not working you can be referred by your GP to a Spine Specialist. The Spine has an effect on the entire bodies overall wellbeing. Dealing with multiple body systems it is integral to get the treatment from a specialist who has spent their entire career focused on that area of the body.

When you are being referred to a Spine Specialist you can anticipate that you will be receiving some type of procedure to relieve injury or pain. At the same time, they will be trying to correct any damage or change that has come to a healthy spine. Certain Spinal surgeons will specialize in certain procedures. Endoscopic spine surgery, disc replacement, scoliosis surgery, spine fusions, and sacroiliac joint fusions are a few of the more popular procedures. Spine fusions are the oldest and most common spinal procedures, but Spinal Specialists are now working to make these surgeries as less invasive as possible. Endoscopic Spine surgery is the antithesis of this. This type of surgery can solve many varieties of spine problems with an incision of less than a centimeter. Not all visits to a Spine Specialist end in surgical procedures. They can also be helpful in pain management and non-surgical treatments.

If you suffer from traumatic injuries, deformities, spinal disorders, or diseases affecting the spine there are specialists in every state that are working on different procedures and practices. A similarity amongst most is that they encompass pain management and orthopedic care. Because of the complex structure of nerve, bone, tissue, and joints, the specialist will have teams addressing all these areas.

When you make an appointment with a spine specialist NJ you can help to calm anxieties by knowing what to expect. Most practices have websites that introduce you to the team, what they all do, and what they offer at that particular office. You will also be able to see everyone’s credentials and how long they have been practicing. Most likely if you have been sent by another Practitioner your records can be sent over, but if you are choosing your own, you might want to bring as many records of prior treatment with you. You will fill out an intake form and want to introduce the history of your condition with as much detail to your new specialist. At this level of care, it is an important point of practice that the specialist treats each person and condition as a unique situation.

Once you have completed your first visit and any test results are produced, you will be presented with a plan of action for your care. If you are suffering from multiple injuries, it is most likely your spinal specialists will want to deal with spinal related issues first since it has the largest impact on any other part of the body.