Why is Medical Cannabis So Expensive? The Price of Cannabis Explained

What is Medical Cannabis?


There is evidence to show that cannabis has been utilized for medicinal purposes and religious rites for thousands of years, with its origins extending back to its original Central Asian region. Cannabis, in its plant form, is the source of the substance known as medical cannabis, which has therapeutic potential for treating various medical ailments. If a medical professional writes you a prescription for it, you can legally possess it.

What is the Cost of Medicinal Cannabis:


The amount of cannabis strain you require and the dose your doctor recommends both have a role in determining the cost of medical marijuana. Cannabis for medical use sold online by licensed manufacturers may be purchased for anywhere from $2.50 to $15.00 per gram. Because you can buy up to 30 days’ worth of therapeutic cannabis in a single transaction, you have complete discretion over the products and quantities that you order. Certain licensed producers also provide compassionate pricing to customers who qualify for it. These customers might include older citizens, people with modest incomes, and those who are living with a handicap.

Why Medical Cannabis is So Expensive:


There are two primary factors that contribute to the high cost of cannabis for medical purposes all over the world:

  • The majority of cannabis used for medicinal purposes comes from other countries.
  • The government places stringent legal restrictions on businesses that produce or distribute medicinal cannabis, and these standards must be met.

It is estimated that over 78% of the items are made in other countries, and approximately 91% of the raw materials used to build products locally come from elsewhere. When seen through a patient’s eyes, it may appear that businesses in most parts of the world are capitalizing on this situation by setting extremely high prices for their products and services. Although sometimes a cannabis clinic and some independent general practitioners add a fee to the cost of the application process, you still need to be aware of the other factors that contribute to the total cost to avoid any surprises.

Does Insurance cover Medical Cannabis?


In most circumstances, the answer is negative; nevertheless, an increasing number of insurance providers are beginning to provide it as an alternative for businesses to consider including in the employee benefits they provide. At this time, the majority of health insurance providers are permitting the use of medicinal cannabis to be reported as a reimbursable expenditure under an individual’s health insurance policy.

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