E-Cigs: The E-Juice and E-Liquid of our Time

Back in the day, Cigarettes where loved by many and most liked the tastes. Now, in 2018, we have what is called Ecigs, some come with flavor and others are just like a normal cigarette. The top brands include V2 Pro Series 3x, Aspire Custor Mini and Halo G6 just to name a few. These products cut down on leakage and give a smoking-experience to its audience as an unbelievable product. Many are filled with slims ejuice. This e-liquid gives users the best of what the product can offer. To give you a better idea in what an E-cig can offer look at XEO Void that is made in Germany. You get coils that you can change and allows the usage of any e-liquid you want. You get two for one in a XEO Void e-cig. As mentioned, e-cigs has it many choices. Many come in different colors and designs. The XEO Void offers black, silver and gunmetal.

Many e-cigarettes give off a strong vape. The nicotine content can range from O.5 mg to more. Ingredients go from nicotine salts as well. The vape is very hard on your throat feeling just like a normal cigarette. As for V2 Pro Series 3x they are available in black, steel and blue. They are liked because of their voltage and airflow. Most all e-cigarettes are on a battery which is LED. For V2, they give the option to cap in PG and VG. When you purchase an e-cigarette you will get a kit. Most are very impressive. V2 lays out a beautiful ceramic box. The product can be used at least 40 times to give you a good experience before heading to get a refill.

For Halo G6 it’s a highly top brand. They have a low cost of $35 bucks. If you are looking for many choices of flavors then the Halo G6 certainly has it. The kit comes with 11 flavors, six nicotine refills and a pack of refill cartridges under just $10. At this point, out of all e-cigarettes Halo G6 has the strongest value to date. Their e-liquid is award-winning so you know you are getting a great product. Its vape kit has often been described as simple with a very slick design. Inside the beginner’s kit you will receive a battery and a cartridge. The product is right up there with satisfactions that e-cigarette smokers can enjoy.

Next on the list of popular e-cigarettes is the Mig Vapor Mig 21 Fusion. This particular one is about quality and being very powerful. Its battery is one of the strongest out there. The size of their battery is 140mm giving 33 percent more life. It’s been known to last all day. You get a choice of favorable e-liquids inside each tank. The tanks are mini but can give you usage for about eight to 10 times. The voltage in the battery strength is 4.2.

So when you are trolling the market for the best e-cigarette out there you may want to consider these. It helps to get the best product for what you pay for.