The Vaping – A Beginning

The Sum of All Parts


When starting to vape or get your personal vaporizer you want to make sure you understand exactly what is a personal vaporizer. This is an electronically inclined device that vaporizes or turns to mist a nicotine based solution, like eliquids. I am sure you can have other uses for vaporizing but that is a story for another time.


To sum this all up, what makes up all this electrical devise stuff to create a personal vaporizer?


– First, what will be needed is a power source. This brings the power, energy, or like a flame to create the vapor. Something like a battery or a wire. This should be able to hook up to a USB port.


– Second, an atomizer is needed. This is the element that is powered by your vaporizing power source to react with the solution for…. BAM…. Vapor….


– Third, to complete the sum of all parts a cartridge is needed. This holds the liquid nicotine solution. This is what will become the vapor when introduced to the atomizer which is powered by the power source.


– Fourth, the mouth peace. Don’t think it is safe to put batteries in your mouth and a cartridge doesn’t sound appealing either. The mouth piece is the end you will retrieve the vaporized mist from.


Putting the Sum Together


Pretty simple, kind of easy, putting it all together. You first want to make sure that your power supply is either charged or plugged when connecting that atomizer or element to it. You can connect them together when it is uncharged or unplugged; but, let me ask you…. Will it work?


Anyway, next you want to connect the lovely cartridge to the atomizer or element. Again, you can hook up the cartridge to the element before hooking to the power supply; but…. Will it work? Just remember the cartridge goes to the atomizer and the atomizer goes to the power supply. If you put the cartridge with the power supply and then figure out how to attach the element which will bring the vaporizing effect, you might have a new patent.


Vaping – In the Beginning


So now we have our personal vaporizer together and ready to vape on, the question now is how do you do that?


Well personal vaporizers will have either little button on the side of the atomizer or element or nothing at all. Other ways may be available on starting a vaporizing pull but this is just for beginners use and only the two options will be covered.


– Option 1: the button


When you’re working with a button to activate the element, you want to make sure that you keep pressing the button while you take a pull. This ensure that’s the element is converting the liquid solution in the cartridge to the misty vapor the whole time you take a pull. This guarantee an optimal pull.


– Option 2: No Button


When you don’t have a button; please make sure you see if this would be a good option of you, when you take a pull the element engages. With the added pressure of suction, it will engage the element and create vapor. It is convenience in the you don’t have to remember the button.


In the End


The rest of the system you must learn as you go. Just make sure you put the sum of all parts together properly and the vaping can begin.